We are located at the hub of commerce and agriculture with the Interstate 5 freeway and State Highway 58 junction just three miles east of town. A multi-million dollar complex of eating establishments, service stations and motels are built up along the well-traveled highways. Buttonwillow has many modern businesses in town that enhance small town living such as beauty salons, grocery stores, motels, restaurants, auto parts, farm equipment and medical & dental centers.

The Midway Intertie is located on the outskirts of town. It controls the massive power supply from Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison companies with numerous towering electric lines convening here. There are other power plants scattered in the surrounding area among the countless oil derricks. Employees live in and travel through Buttonwillow to the many oil and power related industries in the area, as well as food processing plants such as Frito-Lay (potatoes & corn), a tomato plant (processed tomato puree) and Bolthouse Farms (market carrots & juices).

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